Turning 50

This post is a bit premature as I’ve still got a year to go or so (Jan 17, 2010). Nevertheless, given the significance of the semi-centennial, I am starting my party planning early.

It is my sentiment that celebrating the big “L” (as Julius Caesar referred to it) should be a significant event. What I’ve done is to ask a set of friends to celebrate it with me (most of them are L-ish, too) by proposing some adventure. As long as they’re willing to do it with me and the adventure entails an equal challenge for both of us, I’m game. I’ve suggested that the adventure involve a certain degree of discomfort if not danger. Not “work as an Arabic translator in Mosul”-type danger but perhaps “jump out of an airplane”- or “take a long sail”- type danger. After all, what better way to feel alive than to face death (if only at a hundred paces)?

So far my friends have responded with a language immersion trip (Chinese), a motorcycle trip and golf in far-flung places. I’m still hoping for a long hike, sail or kayak trip, too, maybe a safari. For sure, this will justify buying the Canon 5D Mark II.

Admittedly, these are indulgences. I figure a budget of $50k (naturally) will probably cover all the activities. Although this is a lot of money, it’s cheaper than buying a Porsche 911. Yes, the money would be better spent donating it to UNICEF. I prefer to view this as my own personal economic stimulus package.

When I do embark on these, I’ll try to post here as I experience each adventure. First stop: motorcycle lessons in February.