I’m an old-time software developer. To be more descriptive, when I say “old”, I mean “really, really old.” I’ve been programming since I was 15 years old, back in the pre-PC days. I wrote software for the original Altair 8800 and many other computers between then and now.

My first job out of college was at HP. I wrote office applications for the Touchscreen and Vectra PCs. I left HP to work at Microsoft where I spent the next 11 years. I first worked in the Systems group, on the Windows 1.0 SDK and on OS/2. Most of my time at the ‘soft was in the Developer Tools group where I oversaw the development of many, many, products from MASM 4.1 to Visual C++ 2.0. My last 4 years at Microsoft were spent in Research where, with Linda Stone, I founded the Virtual Worlds Group.

In 2004, I co-founded Likewise Software and ultimately became its CTO. Likewise develops CIFS and other storage software. After almost 7 years, I left Likewise in February of 2011 intending, for the second time in my life, to retire. The first time (in 1998, when I left Microsoft), it lasted 6 years. This time, it lasted 3 months.

Currently, I’m working for Level 11 Consulting on a project with Synapse Product Development. It’s a very, very, cool project but I can’t write about it!

This blog is my personal blog site (now) focused on non-technical topics.